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vol.35 Good You Do For You
             Parents Is Good You
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Vol.35 The Good You Do For Your Parents Is Good You Do Yourself.
  In Japan, there is an old saying, gThe good you do for others is good you do yourself.h The Sanseido Daijirin describes that git means doing good to others will bring good back to youh but gin recent years it is sometimes misunderstood that doing good to others wonft be any good for them.h

 The theme of todayfs essay is gThe good you do for your parents is good you do yourself,h a parody of the above saying.

 When I was 40, I attended the funeral of one of my relatives. It made me realize that a funeral is a ceremony not for the deceased but for the family. I, as an Atheist, cannot help but wonder whether a big ceremony is necessary for the departed because he/she cannot see the funeral or hear the Sutras from the heaven. After all, people have a funeral for their self-fulfillment, and by sympathizing with those who just lost loved ones, people from temples, churches, and funeral companies must have started forming a ceremony of praying for the deceased.

 I think there is a similarity between being nice to parents and having a funeral. In Confucianism, filial piety (doing good to parents) is more important than anything. In general as well, it is natural that you take good care of your parents who gave birth to you and raised you. Even though there have recently been an increasing number of social problems caused by parents, such as child neglect and abuse, you should still treat your parents with thankfulness and respect as a matter of course.

 I do not doubt that a person who can give up his/her seat to the elderly on a train or bus is likely to take care of his/her parents when they become old or are ill in bed. Sooner or later, you will face the death of your parents. When the time comes, will you be confident in saying that you had provided plenty of care for your parents?

 Therefore, you should be doing good to your parents not for them but for yourself. The important thing may be having a philosophy of such a way of life or thinking.
Masaru Sugaya

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